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Paula Turnbull

Paula Turnbull

Admin Manager, Bachelor Of Business Management  |  8 months

Paula works as our admin manager, but she is more than that. The boys of the company work a lot and someone needs to be in charge of getting all the other paperwork and administrative tasks done to ensure efficiency, and Paula is really something else when it comes to that. She keeps Matthew and Ray updated and makes sure that things are done at the right time, messages get sent to the right people and clients have a nice friendly and professional mood when they do business with us.

Ray Turnbull

Ray Turnbull

Senior Estimator, 45 Yrs Experience in Roofing & Construction Industry  |  8 months

Ray works as an estimator, and he’s one of the best. With over 45 years spent as a builder then turned to roofing professional, Ray has seen and done it all. Despite his age, not being out on the field (which he misses very much) and working in an office now, Ray is still working hard to bring you the finest solutions for your needs. Over the many years working in the construction and roofing industry, he’s well accustomed to problems, common and rare, that you may have and he won’t hesitate to fix them.

Mathew Turnbull

Mathew Turnbull

Works Manager, 20 YRS Experience in Metal Roofing Industry  |  20 years 1 month

Mathew is the Works Manager here at Ozroofworks, with 2 decades of experience in the industry. He will take your job from concept to completion. Mathew continues to serve customers with the latest techniques and inovations available in the market today, allways searching and stiving to make things more efficient and effective. With 2 generations and over 50 years construction experience handed down from Father to Son you can feel confident and have peace of mind knowing your job is in the right hands.

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